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High stakes presenting/pitch consulting.

Are you terrified of speaking in public or are you a natural Ted Talk pro? Every presentation, pitch or speech should be dynamic, engaging, clear and concise, and have an important call to action.  Everyone is capable of being a great speaker. I can help.

an attitude adjustment or a mindset shift.

Have you ever been told you need an attitude adjustment.  Did anyone ever tell you how?  Human brains are complex and powerful.  You can learn how to use yours to your advantage and to have more happy than sad.

a more inclusive team.

Inclusion drives engagement. Inclusion enhances retention. Inclusion increases productivity. Inclusion fosters innovation and better solutions.  It's also the right thing to do. 


Some motivation

Need motivation?  I can't give that to you but I can help you find it when you need it.  Motivation isn't something you can always find on the outside, most of the time it's an inside job. 

to influence stakeholders more effectively.

We are always influencing, the question is in what direction? Over the course of a career you build influence and you influence in the moment.  How you influence in the moment determines your influence over time. Most people don't spend enough time planning and practicing.

help problem solving and thinking more creatively.

Are you and your team stuck?  Need a spark of creativity or a new way forward?  Sometimes you need an outside perspective to see the forest through the trees.